Short Biography

My name is Derek Jow; I am 19 years old, and I am currently studying Computer Science and Bioinformatics at University of California, San Diego. I love coding because you can make technology come to life in innovative ways that improve our life. In Computer Science, the only limit is your creativity; you can make anything you want come to life!

I am also interested in Bioinformatics because it is a field that utilizes my love for coding in the field of biology. I have always had a passion in studying microbiology because the great complexity of all the interactions that occur inside and outside the cell fascinate me. However, it is really the study of DNA - genetics - that I really want to explore because it controls EVERYTHING!

When I'm not coding or studying for classes, I love playing video games, riding my bike, playing board games or card games, playing the piano, and hanging out with friends! My favorite food is steak, my favorite movie is Inception, favorite book is The Hunger Games, favorite TV show is The Walking Dead, and I love playing Civilization V.