Pasadena, February 2016

Hacktech is a 36 hour programming marathon at California Institute of Technology.

During Hacktech, I created a mobile app game called Youniversity with a small team. It is based off many other traditional tycoon games where you construct buildings on a scrollable 2D grid-like map. After constructing buildings, students will come to your university and give you money!

National Society of Collegiate Scholars

September 2015 - Present

NSCS is an honor society of undergraduate college students who have an excellent gpa.

Video Game Programming Club

September 2014 - May 2015

As one of the founding members of the video game programming club at Serra, I managed our small group over the development of a small rpg nicknamed JavaJesus. I taught the members how to use Git and how to contribute to the project. “JavaJesus” takes place in post apocalyptic San Francisco/Bay Area and is mostly a sandbox. Although development stopped after graduation, I hope to continue it sometime in the future!


HP CodeWars

Palo Alto, March 2015

Code Wars is a first-class computer programming competition for high school students. It presents students with programming challenges in a high-tech setting.