University of California, San Diego

Jacob's School of Engineering; GPA: 3.9
B.S. Computer Science & Bioinformatics 2019

At UCSD, I am studying Computer Science with a specialization in Bioinformatics. I have taken extensive courses in Java, C, C++. I have experience with creating Data Structures and using BASH on linux systems. My skillset also includes using Vim, Git, Makefiles, Shell scripts, and XML, with a basic understanding of JUnit, Ant, and Bugzilla. Furthermore, I have experience with HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

While my primary focus is Computer Science, I have an extreme passion for biology so I decided to specialize in bioinformatics so I can do research in the medical field using my skillset as a computer scientist.

Junipero Serra High School

High School Diploma; GPA: 4.5
August 2011 - May 2015

At Junipero Serra High School, I primarily focused on my education by taking AP classes focusing on computer science and mathematics. As well as studying, I also did rowing (crew) after school and started a coding club my senior year with classmates in my AP Computer Science class. Our focus was game design, and we created a small open world game we nicknamed JavaJesus - a post apocalyptic rpg that takes place in San Francisco and much of the bay area. It was a fun project that I hope to continue someday!

Saint Matthew Catholic School

Elementary School Diploma
August 2003 - May 2011

Elementary school at Saint Matthew Catholic School in San Mateo.